Executive Team

Che Pinkerton, Chief Executive Officer
Che provides tactical and strategic leadership to our organization. His primary mandate is to meet with our senior executive team on a regular basis to manage current and future market issues. In addition, Che leads our efforts to meet with clients and partners around the globe and represent NetroMedia and our commitment to innovation at trade shows and other events.
“Our corporate goal is ultimately about exploring innovative avenues to reinforce our client’s communication capacity. In an increasingly complex media environment, a successful campaign must be focused towards online platforms where the primary audience has embraced the digital-lifestyle.”
– Che Pinkerton
Matthew Carson, Chief Information Officer
Matthew provides the technical stewardship of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) and its streaming operations. His specific project responsibilities include the technical implementation of the CDN, overseeing the development and performance of the Self-Management Streaming Portal and training procedures within the IM / IT infrastructure.
“NetroMedia’s online streaming technology radically improves the management and distribution of content to all media devices. Interactive streaming has always been more intricate than conventional HTTP delivery and we are pleased to offer access to our advanced global network.”
– Matthew Carson

Regional Management

Paul Dunn, European Manager
Paul joined NetroMedia in early 2011 to further develop and support the company’s increasing European activity by providing an expert contact in the time-zone. Based in Finland, he is responsible for managing the technical support and client services contact throughout the region, as well as identifying business opportunities specific the European and African markets.
“I am excited to support NetroMedia’s global philosophy by providing support to the important markets emerging throughout Europe and Africa. Bringing the personal touch to these new clients and partners from a local perspective increases our ability to service them exponentially.”
– Paul Dunn

Company Vision

We maximize our client’s ability to engage audiences in today’s global interactive economy.

Company Mission

We are strategic and creative thinkers with a passion for new media technology.
We Promise…
  • To never take our eyes off emerging interactive revenue opportunities.
  • To constantly and seamlessly implement the industry’s most beneficial trends and ideas, so that you can concentrate on your core business of serving your clients.
  • To deliver secure, reliable and dynamic services that are tailored to your business and that are 100% fail-safe.
We Believe… That the best streaming provider is one that constantly improves upon their existing network infrastructure, products and services. Web 2.0 media verticals are revolutionizing the way business is done. It is changing the way you can create, distribute and profit from your established content.
We Believe… That the best streaming provider is one that gives back to the community it serves, regardless of client-size. We value giving.
We know… That NetroMedia is one of the most innovative and client-centred Content Delivery Networks out there. Don’t take our word for it – see for yourself.

President’s Message

What keeps you up at night?
I am always thinking about finding the best way to reach a wider audience for your content. I make sure we push the interactive media envelope to create solutions that work. I don’t believe in innovation for innovation’s sake. My streaming media decisions are based on solid, proven results. Ultimately, my job depends on it. Streaming media is a disruptive technology. Every day new media is changing people’s lives. Audiences of all ages and demographics everywhere are consuming media through Internet broadband and mobile streaming devices. Conventional methods of delivering content and creating revenues are being tossed aside. If these facts are keeping you awake at night, I can help. My job is to make sure NetroMedia develops technologies and deliver solutions that take advantage of this change. In other words, we help you make money. Understanding what works as a streaming solution has been our technology department’s greatest strength. Better yet, we also understand what does not work. I personally don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake. You will find we work very hard at delivering the right solution at the right time. Our services prove this, our client list demonstrates it, and our corporate history of thriving and growing in this new media convergence zone shows our experience at it.
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